Finding Your Way Around the Website

A good place to start is to review the first page of the website Help document that describes the different kinds of users and the layout of website pages.  Although visitors who have not registered on the website or have not logged into their account have access to considerable information, registration provides access to additional information and allows the user to post content.  The September 2010 article Call to Action (public access) describes the registration process. 

In the same issue, Welcome Back to BioInspired! (public access) describes the background of the BioInspired! newsletter and its re-launch while The Bio-Inspired Design Community discusses the goals and structure of the BID Community.  The Announcements forum is used to communicate key updates to the members and is a good place to get caught up.

Keeping on top of website changes can be a challenge.  Members should not need to check the website regular searching for updates, nor should they be flooded with e-mails.  Members can subscribe to content they are interested in and receive an e-mail either immediately or through a 'digest' that is delivered at the frequency selected by the member.  By default, everyone is subscribed to the Announcements forum on a daily digest interval.  Please see the Accessing Information section of the website Help document for an overview and Change Notification in Accessing Information for more details.

To participate fully in activity on the website, subscribing to the following content types is recommended.  The easiest way is to view a document of the appropriate time, mouse over the Subscriptions widget at the bottom and then the Subscribe to: posts of type ... link.

  • Forum topic: forum discussions
  • Event: updates to the Events calendar
  • Newsletter: summaries of newsletters
  • Story: individual newsletter articles

You may also want to subscribe to Resource for you want to be update on new bio-inspired design resources or NewStory if you want to participate in development of future newsletter articles.

If you have any questions or comments, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of every website page. 

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