Flourishing is the Outcome; Design is the Process

I will be introducing and running experiential workshops on Dec. 5 (Hamburg University) and Dec. 8-9 (Plymouth University) using the new Flourishing Business Canvas, a project of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group at the OCAD University Strategic Innovation Lab.  The workshops received very positive feedback at the October 15-17 Flourishing and Prosperous Business conference in Cleveland, U.S.A.
This collaborative visual design tool enables people who wish to apply bioinspired design principles in the creation of their business models (including the products and services produced by their business) to integrate their biomimicry knowledge with the other elements need for a tri-profitable business - financially rewards, socially beneficial and environmentally regenerative.

Event details:

Please contact me if you have any questions.  Thanks, Antony Upward.

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