IDSA's 2011 Catalyst Case Study Program (Submissions Accepted until November 30th)

"IDSA's Catalyst Case Study Program continues to initiate and accelerate a broader understanding of design’s impact on business, the environment and society. Participate in the next round of submissions and explain why your design is worthy of Catalyst case publication in 2011.

Applications will be accepted starting today through Tuesday, November 30. There is no entry fee and the submission process will only take about 30 minutes to complete. If selected, your design story will be added to the growing body of Catalyst Case Studies worthy of global recognition."



Design is vital to all aspects of our lives. By bringing depth, clarity and transparency to the industrial design process, these case studies reveal the profound importance of the profession. This concrete body of evidence will instill into the collective consciousness design's power to effect positive change.


Open to design stories worldwide. Designers, client companies or any interested party may nominate a design story. There are no restrictions on dates in use or in distribution; however, the design story must clearly demonstrate the impact of design.

Application/Nomination Process

Nominate your own design story or someone else's here. The Review Committee may also nominate design stories that they feel are exceptionally worthy of a case study.


There is no fee to nominate a design story.

Review Committee

Committee will be comprised of professionals from across business, design, and academic disciplines.

Review Process

On an ongoing basis, members of the Review Committee will evaluate all abstracts and decide whether to conduct brief follow-up phone interviews. No member of the committee shall engage in voting or commenting on a nomination in which that reviewer has a financial or other stake in the outcome of the nomination, or who served as a consultant, teacher, or advisor. The most compelling stories will be selected for full case study write-up. Case studies will be written by independent researcher/writers. Subjects must agree to grant these writers timely access to data, high quality images/graphs and key personnel in order for them to craft the best case study."

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