January 10/2013 Update

Thanks to anyone who helped play-test Amanda Dittami's BioHarmonious.  "BioHarmonious will be traveling with the Art Works For Change exhibition Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art and Invention and will showcase in Salt Lake City at the Leonardo on January 28, 2013!"

Accessing content from diverse mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular.  Creating a mobile version of the BID Community site requires resources well beyond my capabilities.  I have developed a prototype of a mobile version of the four most recent issues of the BioInspired! newsletter.  If you have a suitable device, please check out Tablet Version of the BioInspired! Newsletter and post your feedback. 

The Vision section of the Proposed BID Community Mission Statement has been tweaked and a new question on the Mission section has been posted.  I have also made some revisions to Analogical Reasoning and the Essence of Biomimicry/Biomimetics/BID based on preliminary feedback.  Your feedback on both posts is greatly appreciated!

Lastly, it is time to work on the next BioInspired! newsletter.  The newsletter is by the community, for the community - please send ideas of what you would like to read as well as articles about the challenges and successes of practicing biomimicry.

On behalf of the BID Coummunity Advisory Group, wishing everyone a Happy, Productive and Prosperous New Year! ..... Norbert

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