May 2009 Newsletter (Issue 7.2) - Special '2009 Alumni Gathering' Edition

Welcome to the second issue of 2009, containing the first set of articles on the '2009 Alumni Gathering' held in February at the San Diego Zoo, California.

  • a personal perspective on the event (Taryn Mead)
  • architecture practice and process based on living systems (Raymond Lucchesi)
  • Biomimicry, The Game (Faye Yoshihara)
  • a discussion on competition and cooperation (Robyn Klein, Dayna Baumeister, Janet Kübler)
  • the power of the collective (Emmet Brady)

Other articles in this issue:

  • an overview of (Sherry Ritter, Norbert Hoeller)
  • three summaries on advances in architecture, wind power and solar tracking
  • results of the February newsletter survey

This issue contains links to article authors' profiles instead of e-mail addresses. 

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