An Interview with Nature's Apprentice (Igor Barteczko)

© frank peters - Fotolia.comIgor Barteczko joined the BID Community in November and agreed to be interviewed in early December.  His portfolio at ARCHITEORYZM demonstrates his creativity and graphic sense.  Igor is a natural biomimic who also understands the importance of human culture and engineering.  Ultimately, we need viable solutions to human problems that help re-connect us with the natural systems that support our existence.


An Interview with a Certified Biomimicry Professional (Lisa Schmidtke)

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Lisa Schmidtke discovered the BID Community site late in 2010 while searching for resources and looking for help in establishing the practice of biomimicry at Clark Nexsen.  She is part of the first cohort of the Biomimicry Institute's Two-Year Certificate program, now called the Biomimicry Professional Certification Program.  Lisa has been actively involved in the BID Community initiatives Turning Ideas into Reality and Making a Living with BID.


The Bio-Inspired Design Landscape

© Yang MingQi - Fotolia.comInterest in bio-inspired design is accelerating.  Biomimicry is regularly on the agenda of high profiles events such as Bioneers, Green Build and UN conferences ranging from climate change to biodiversity.  BIONIS (the Biomimetics Network for Industrial Sustainability) has been actively "promot[ing] the application of Biomimetics (Design Inspired by Nature) in products and services and its use in education and training' since 2002.  The journals Bioinspiration & Biomimetics and the Journal of Bionic Engineering are dedicated to the field.  A steadily growing number of courses are available from The Biomimicry Institute and universities, including the Biomimicry Professional Certification Program

September 2010 Newsletter (Issue 7.3) - BioInspired! Re-Launch

Welcome to the re-launch of the BioInspired! newsletter and the announcement of the new Bio-Inspired (BID) Community.  This issue includes articles on:

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