September 2010 Newsletter (Issue 7.3) - BioInspired! Re-Launch

Welcome to the re-launch of the BioInspired! newsletter and the announcement of the new Bio-Inspired (BID) Community.  This issue includes articles on:

  • the history and future of the BioInspired! newsletter
  • an overview of the Bio-Inspired Design Community
  • a look at areas where bio-inspired design has had particular impact, including Architecture (Tom McKeag), Industrial Design (Carlos Alberto Montana Hoyos), Materials (Norbert Hoeller), Systems and Processes (Marc Weissburg) and Cognition (Ashok K. Goel)
  • a list of questions for future exploration
  • a calendar of public events
  • a Call to Action for BID Community members

The newsletter can be read online or downloaded as a PDF (2.1MB) using the links below.  Although the newsletter is publically-readable, users must register to access the community forums and author profiles.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the newsletter!

Newsletter PDF: 
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