March 2014 Newsletter (Issue 10.1)

After a year's absence, the BioInspired! newsletter has re-surfaced.  This issue includes a perspective on the BID Community, interviews with Brett Joseph and Shoshanah Jacobs, an article on the essential elements of biomimicry and an overview of the BioM Innovation Database.

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The Fourth Year of the BID Community

© Don Hammond/Design Pics/CorbisThe BID Community is at a crossroads.  In hindsight, the original concept of creating a "space" where current and aspiring practitioners, facilitators and people knowledge about the human condition could share ideas appears to have been premature.  We have had little success in reaching out to the broader community and BID Community activity has been steadily declining.  It is not clear that we even meet the criteria of a community.  Although the Internet allows us to 'meet' virtually, the energy generated through face-to-face discussions seems to dissipate quickly when we return to our 'day jobs'.  We share an interest in the concepts of biomimicry, biomimetics and bio-inspired design (B3D for short) but adopt a diverse set of approaches in applying these concepts.  This is in itself not an issue but makes it challenging to identify common attitudes, interests and goals.

Algae Connects: 2011 International Algae Competition Entry

© Kheng Guan Toh -

The international and interdisciplinary BID Community team collaborated on developing an entry for the 2011 International Algae Competition in the Algae Landscape Design category.  The team decided to take a problem-driven approach, developing a bio-inspired systems solution involving algae that would address important problems associated with a particular place: Haiti both before and after the devastating earthquake of 2011.


September 2010 Newsletter (Issue 7.3) - BioInspired! Re-Launch

Welcome to the re-launch of the BioInspired! newsletter and the announcement of the new Bio-Inspired (BID) Community.  This issue includes articles on:

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The Bio-Inspired Design Community

© Don Hammond/Design Pics/CorbisThe Bio-Inspired Design (BID) Community will promote the practical application of bio-inspired design, emphasizing the ‘challenge to biology’ approach.  The objective is to foster more effective and efficient methods for developing solutions based on natural principles.  The goal is to encourage the conscious application of principles that support and promote solutions facilitating sustainable human behavior and leading to successful products, services and systems initiatives.


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