March 2014 Newsletter (Issue 10.1)

After a year's absence, the BioInspired! newsletter has re-surfaced.  This issue includes a perspective on the BID Community, interviews with Brett Joseph and Shoshanah Jacobs, an article on the essential elements of biomimicry and an overview of the BioM Innovation Database.

This newsletter is publicly readable - click on the titles below to read the full articles.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the newsletter!

An Interview with Shoshanah Jacobs

© frank peters - Fotolia.comDr. Shoshanah Jacobs studies knowledge transfer both in biomimetics and pedagogy. Her specific interests in biomimetics lie in the way in which designers approach problems of disciplinarity and how challenges can be overcome.  In pedagogy she focuses on techniques to effectively teach process rather than content. She uses her research to inform her teaching in biology at the University of Guelph, (Canada) and thinks that the best learning outcome of all is if students celebrate the wonders of the natural world around them and become life-long learners. Born in Ottawa, Canada, Dr. Jacobs studied at the University of New Brunswick in Saint John and the University of Ottawa.

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