Online Master of Science in Biomimicry

The online Master of Science in Biomimicry at ASU is a first of its kind program focusing on an emerging discipline that seeks to apply life’s strategies to human design. Offered in collaboration with Biomimicry 3.8 through The Biomimicry Center at ASU, the MS also complements the Certified Biomimicry Professional program offered by Biomimicry 3.8. 

Through this degree program, you will learn the methodology and practice of the discipline and how to facilitate its application across a wide-variety of applications. This program is ideal if you are interested in innovative, transdisciplinary learning and the opportunity to work with students from around the globe to advance the field and develop sustainable, real-world applications. You will also apply the fundamentals of your training during a series of practicums, including a self-designed “Biomimicry Virtual Design Lab.”

The biomimicry MS addresses the strong demand for the incorporation of biomimicry practices in different professions and industries including sustainability, design, life science, engineering and business. Because of the practical application emphasis of the program, you will benefit the most from your training with at least a 3-5 years of experience after your undergraduate degree. Others who have studied biomimicry have applied their knowledge globally in areas like sustainability, transportation, product design, architecture, economics, and nonprofit ventures.

Required Core (13 credit hours)

  • BMY 501 Essentials of Biomimicry (1)
  • BMY 502 Life's Principles (4)
  • BMY 503 Biology Taught Functionally (4)
  • BMY 504 Biomimicry Thinking (4)

Electives or Research (11 credit hours)

  • Biomimicry and Design (BMY 511) (3 credits)
  • Biomimicry and Engineering (BMY 512) (3 credits)
  • Biomimicry and Business (BMY 516) (3 credits)
  • Human-Nature Connection (BMY 517) (2 credits)
  • Topic: iSites Biomimetic Nature Journaling (BMY 598) (1 credit)
  • Topic: Communicating Biomimicry (BMY 598) (1 credit)
  • Topic: Teaching Biomimicry (BMY 598) (1 credit)
  • Topic: Facilitating Biomimicry (BMY 598) (1 credit)
  • Topic: Biomimicry Ethos (BMY 598) (1 credit)

Other Requirements (6 credit hours; choose 3)

  • BMY 530 Virtual Design Lab Practicum (2)
  • BMY 580 Topic: BioBrainstorm Practicum (2)
  • BMY 580 Topic: Biomimicry Case Study Practicum (2)
  • BMY 580 Topic: Biomimicry Genius of Place Practicum (2)
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