U/Akron PhD Fellowships for U.S. Citizens

NASA’s Glenn Research Center is proud to sponsor two Bio-inspired Research and Development (BIRD) Fellows through Biomimicry Fellowships for students seeking a PhD in the University of Akron’s Integrated Bioscience Program. The fellowship period begins in January 2017 (applications will be reviewed until the positions are filled), extends 5 years and is renewable annually based on performance assessments created from mutually agreed upon standards.

Biomimicry training of PhDs is hosted by the Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center (BRIC. http://uabiomimicry.org/) at the University of Akron, in collaboration with Great Lakes Biomimicry (https://glbiomimicry.org/) and other partners. The field of biomimicry offers application opportunities in a variety of disciplines including paleontology, entomology, anthropology, chemistry, chemical, mechanical and aerospace engineering, polymer science, and biology. BRIC and Great Lakes Biomimicry have created a biomimicry innovation ecosystem for research, education and application that includes a current population of 17 Biomimicry Fellows. For more information about the PhD Program, visit our fellowship page at http://www.uakron.edu/ib/scholarships/.

We are looking for highly motivated students interested in the field of biomimicry and its application to solve real world problems in the aerospace industry and beyond.  The position will be sponsored by NASA’s Glenn Research (GRC) in Cleveland, Ohio, and the successful applicants will interact with collaborating scientists and engineers at NASA, The University of Akron, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and will be embedded 20 hours per week at GRC, co-supervised by a NASA scientist.

Two areas of interest for the current fellowships are:
1)   Multifunctional structures and hybrid electric propulsion for N+3/N+4 (N is current generation) aircraft. The prospective student must have a background in biology. Additional background in either electrochemistry or structural engineering is preferred

2)   The intersection among paleontology, entomology and aerospace. The student will work with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to help understand the applications of extinct species and extant insects to aerospace. The experience will include work with data mining and data analytics in addition to working with wind tunnels and developing proposals for long term aerospace concepts

If you are considering applying, please contact Peter H. Niewiarowski at phn [at] uakron [dot] edu for important information about the application process, timeline and fellowship structure ASAP since applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Peter H. Niewiarowski
Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center
University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325   USA

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