Engineering A Startup #18: Using Nature to Save Nature

What if startup ideas grew on trees, or fell out of the sky? That’s literally the case for Ryan Church, who is a champion of biomimetic innovation, a design philosophy for solving problems by turning to the natural world for inspiration. He happened to be watching falling maple seeds, and ended up solving one of the biggest challenges in wind turbine design.

This podcast covers Church's perspective on biom*, the early days of the PowerCone project (Putting the Nosecone to Work in ​ZQ16​), the challenges of matching an idea with the right applications, building the team with the neccessary skills, identifying key partners, and finding funding.  Church mentioned Antony Upward's Flourishing is the Outcome; Design is the Process and also Stories from the Trenches of Biomimetic Innovation: Ideation and Proof of Concept from ZQ21.

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