The First Year of the BID Community

© Don Hammond/Design Pics/CorbisAlthough discussions with CBID about the BID Community started in September 2009, work on the website began in March 2010, followed by a soft launch in August, the official launch in September and the first issue of the new BioInspired! newsletter.  Including this issue, three newsletters have been published, with a growing focus on exploring pragmatic issues and documenting practical solutions.  This issue includes articles on the Fully Integrated Thinking (FIT) process (Taryn Mead), the Turning Ideas into Reality conference call (Emer Natalio), the relationship of biomimicry to Industrial Design (Karen Verbeek) and how Ernst-Jan Mul is using biomimicry as the core of his design business.

As of the end of February, the website contained 329 documents including 52 newsletters, 17 individual stories, 59 events, 93 resources and 92 forum topics.  A total of 165 comments had been posted.   Three community conference calls have been held on:

To date, 123 users have registered on the website.  During registration, users had the option of answering four questions.  The most common roles were Aspiring Practitioner (28), Practitioner (24) and Facilitator (24).  The most common disciplines were Science (21), Education (20), Architecture (19), Design (19) and Business (11).  The following table relates responses to Are you interested in becoming a charter member? with the users' assessment of the $15 quarterly membership fee.

  Too Low Just Right Too High Not Specified Total
Yes 0 10 7 1 18
Maybe 0 25 27 3 55
No 1 9 12 8 30
Not Specified 1 0 0 19 20
Total 2 44 46 31 123

The Paid Membership Process is now in place supporting automatic quarterly payments through PayPal.  The membership rate has been reduced to $10 per quarter until March 14th.  A Participation Rebate program will apply to all paid-up members as of March 31st to help reduce the cost of memberships and encourage member participation. 

Enjoy the rest of the newsletter.   Please let us know what you think, either through comments on the website or using the Contact Us link at the bottom of each website page. 


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