Paid Membership Process

The process for becoming a paid-up BID Community member is now in place.  Please check out the updated website home page and review the Become a Member page.  For those who have not used PayPal before, security is a key feature.  It allows you to make payments from bank accounts and credit cards without revealing confidential information to anyone outside of PayPal. 

A reduced membership of $10/quarter will be offered until March 14th (charter members will continue to get a discounted rate so long as they remain members even if the membership rate increases in the future).  To minimize currency exchange fees and comply with Canadian tax laws, the system supports payment in US$ and Cdn$.  The BID Community 'Participation Rebate' (with a few tweaks) will be in operation this quarter for everyone who becomes a paid-up member before the end of March. 

Lastly, the Policies & Guidelines mentioned in the February 16/2011 Update are now in effect but subject to change based in feedback from the community. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page. 

Thanks for your support

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