Sustainability/BID links for education/curricula

I came across this today: Moving Forward on Sustainability Curricula.  It's just the PDF version of a PPT, but it offers some interesting points, I think, with regard to organizing and structuring methodological knowledge for BID and sustainability.

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re: Moving Forward on Sustainability Curricula

Fil, interesting.  The first few charts are not particularly new - the problem has always been how to practice and integrate these components in an efficient and effective manner.  The three types of learning, the Pathways to Learning and the institutional requirements are something we definitely can adopt within B3D.

Did you figure out what PPBL stood for on chart 12? 

How did you find this PDF?  I had trouble locating the context, in terms of pages that link to this PDF.  In the process of searching, I came across the following that appears to provide some background.

Wiek, A., Withycombe, L., Redman, C., & Mills, S. B. (2011). Moving forward on competence in sustainability research and problem solving. Environment, 53(2), 3–13. Retrieved from

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Re PPBL. On the premise that


On the premise that PPBL had something to do with problem based learning I found, which is by the same authors.  In that paper, PPBL is problem- and project-based learning.

As for how I found it, it was in a pile of links that I've accumulated over the last 3-4 years, that I'm trying to sort out and do something with.  Beyond that, I have no idea.

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