Indexing Zygote Quarterly

I would like to get the community's input on the value and design of a Zygote Quarterly index.  With 29 issues, I sometimes have trouble finding the issue that contains a specific article.  It would be relatively simple to build  a searchable index like Resources that links to documents containing:

  • the article title, author(s), an abstract (would need to be created for each article), and a pointer to the article in ISSUU
  • the ability for BID Community members to add tags, ratings, and post comments (login required)
  • possibly pointers to PDFs of the articles - the ZQ editors have talked about creating largely text versions of the articles that might be indexed by Google Scholar, similar to "Developing a Common Ground for Learning from Nature", although this would require a fair amount of effort
  • other information that the BID Community thinks would be useful

I admit Resources is not a particularly appealing user interface - I am open to suggestions on how to make it better.

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Thanks, Norbert

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Great start for a useful resource

FWIW, and even though I'd forgotten it existed, I think the Resources page is very useful, for exactly the reasons you gave.

Basically, anything that can get the articles in ZQ noticed by more people would be helpful (I think). ZQ is not only informative but quite lovely.

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indexing ZQ

I have extracted text files from ZQ issues 1-28 (so I could easily search and read on a very old machine). All the issues together are about 3MB. I can forward them your way if you'd like. [I don't have issue 6, which was not downloadable as a pdf].

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