August 8/2019 Update

We had a good turnout at Saskia's workshop on August 1st in Delft.  Saskia found an Open Space Technology (OST, facilitator who helped us develop the compelling question for the event that gets teams to self-organise around resolving the question.  Although OST sounds risky (what if everyone sits on their hands), we had at least five teams working on three rounds of discussions.  

Julian used some of the material from Saskia's workshop to prepare for the Design Society Biomimetics SIG workshop on August 5th.  He led with a chart on Planetary Boundaries and the implications for responsible design, suggesting that just as design practice has incorporated human-centred design, it was time to consider incorporating environmental benefits.  He used his Royal Society charts on how technology and biology solve problems as both a challenge and an opportunity for the design community.  About 30 people attended the workshop and 18 agreed to join the SIG.  

Upcoming Events

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