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Ignacio Urbina Polo’s Biomimicry Feed

Ignacio Urbina Polo is an industrial designer on the faculty of the Industrial Design Department at Pratt Institute (New York).  He has been teaching design with a...

2012/05/12 - 07:41
NSF Bio-Inspired Workshop Presentations

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2012/04/30 - 12:15
Biomimicry Quebec

2014/09/06 website currently (moving to a new domain)

We are a network of people in Quebec being inspired by nature and bringing life’s genius into our professional work.

We are consolidating a base...

2012/01/13 - 13:23 affiliate, Canada, Quebec
Carl Hastrich's Blog

Carl Hastrich of the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) maintains an extensive blog on the topic of "emerging design ideas of biomimicry, critical creativity, sustainability and strategic thinking".  Recent posts include:

2012/01/13 - 15:12 biomimicry, Carl Hastrich, critical creativity, OCAD, strategic thinking, sustainability
Biomimicry in Architecture by Michael Pawlyn (Book Review)

The book opens with a quote from Buckminster...

2011/11/28 - 10:34 architecture, biomimicry, design, Pawlyn
Bioneers Conference 2011 - Dayna Baumeister

The link has a 31 minute video of Dayna Baumeister's plenary talk at Bioneers.

Life's Operating Manual :

Envision what our world would and could look like if we...

2011/10/23 - 18:44 biomimicry, Bioneers, Dayna Baumeister
Live discussion: What is biomimicry?

The two-hour online discussion with Nigel Stansfield, Denise DeLuca, Giles Hutchins and Michael Pawlyn "to explore the realms of biomimicry and what this relolutionary science could mean for business in future" is available at the link above.  The host indicated that a summary of the key points...

2011/10/05 - 15:31
Biomimetics for Innovation and Design Laboratory


Biomimetic Design
Biomimetic design uses biological models to solve engineering problems. Biological phenomena provide an...

2011/09/12 - 12:07 natural language, search
Biomimetics -- Materials, Structures and Processes


2011/08/24 - 17:17 architecture, biophysics, materials, medicine, processes, structure, surface sciences
The Aizenberg Biomineralization and Biomimetics Lab

In the course of evolution, Nature has developed strategies that endow biological processes and materials with exquisite selectivity, specificity, and adaptability. This is wonderfully exemplified in the realm of inorganic materials formation by organisms, so-called "...

2011/07/25 - 12:33 adaptive, nanotechnology, optics, principles, research, self-assembly