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Biomimetica - Biomimetics

This Weblog includes a wealth of biomimetic examples collected by Luis Gustavo Lira. 

2006/09/16 - 08:47 websites
Computing - Workshop on Biologically Inspired Information Fusion 2006

Thanks to Matthew Casey and the Biomimetics listserver for the following....

"The final report for the Workshop on Biologically Inspired Information Fusion is now available at:

2006/09/28 - 13:39 workshops
Biomimetic Robotics

This website describes research "aimed at developing a new class of biologically inspired robots that exhibit much greater robustness in performance in unstructured environments than today's robots".  Participating universities include Standard, Berkeley, Harvard and John Hopkins.  Webpages...

2006/10/10 - 11:39 websites
PAX Water Technologies

PAX Water Technologies, Inc. is a subsidiary of PAX Scientific, applying the PAX streamlining principle in water and wastewater treatment.  The website explains the challenges of maintaining water quality in large reservoirs, due to stratification.  The PAX impeller can efficiently mix up to 5...

2006/10/11 - 13:32 websites
Bio-X Stanford University

In early 1998, a group of Stanford faculty led by James Spudich developed the concept of an interdisciplinary research and teaching program in bio-engineering, bio-medicine and bio-sciences.  In September 1998, a formal planning committee was creating spanning Humanities and Sciences,...

2006/10/12 - 12:24 websites
Young Naturalists - Minnesota Conservation Volunteer: Minnesota DNR

This site contains a wealth of material on a broad range of topics, suited for people without a biology background.  For example, the 'Plants' section has articles on how plants grow and color change, while the 'Curiosities' section has articles on Wild Engineers and Wild Vision.  Many of the...

2006/11/08 - 11:03 websites
Welcome to The Pax Group

PaxGroup is an engineering company headed up by Paul Hawken that has licensed the PAX Scientific technologies for moving air.  Currently, three companies comprise PaxGroup:

  • PaxFan (appliance, refrigeration, process and heating/ventilation/air conditioning)

2006/11/14 - 12:56 websites
webcast.berkeley | Courses | Schedule

Berkeley has made available a wide range of lectures as webcasts and/or podcasts.  Of interest to this group are the General Biology (1A, 1B) and General Biology Lab materials. 

Thanks to Curt McNamara for the pointer!

2006/11/17 - 12:15 course material, websites
Research in Germany: Germany: Europe's leader in science

The site includes references to a large number of projects, including biotechnology (including plant genome research and bioplastics), the...

2007/06/24 - 12:49 websites
BioInspire Magazine

"BioInspire was a monthly publication founded by John Mlade while at Colorado State University to address the interface of human design, nature and technology.  Each month, a leader in the field contributed...

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