April 26/2018 Update

It has been a busy month.  You may have seen media reports of two vulnerabilities affecting the Drupal platform, on which this website is built.  The good news is that the Drupal developers informed website maintainers in advance so that we could apply the necessary patches as soon as they were available on March 29 and April 25.  Filters are in place to detect, report, and block attempts to exploit the first vulnerability.  Details on how the second vulnerability can be exploited have not yet been released.  

The Mollom package that I used to block spam was retired on April 2nd.  I have switched to Google reCAPTCHA which replaces the hard-to-read images of text with the "I'm not a robot" checkbox.  During testing, I periodically was asked to do an image matching puzzle like the one on the right.  According to Google, doing these puzzles not only keep spammers at bay but also support Google's image recognition/tagging projects.

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